The Art of Chai: Troubleshooting Tips for Perfect Brews

The Art of Chai: Troubleshooting Tips for Perfect Brews

Too Weak or dilute?

  • Steep longer on low heat. Allow the tea mix & milk to mingle longer, ensuring a stronger infusion.
  • If using tea bags, microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute after adding the milk. 

Too Strong?

  • Add warm milk or water to mellow out the intensity. 
  • You can also consider steeping for less time next time.

Overly Sweet?

  • Add more water or milk to dilute the sweetness.
  • If using sweeteners, be cautious with quantities and adjust to taste.

Inconsistent Flavor?

  • Standardize your measurements. Consistency is the key to mastering the art of chai. Use measuring spoons and ensure uniform quantities of tea, water, milk, and sweeteners.

Remember, crafting the perfect cup of chai is an art, not an exact science. Feel free to experiment, adjust, and tailor your brew to suit your unique palate. Troubleshooting chai is all about finding that sweet spot – or should we say, spice spot!

Happy sipping!

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